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iDESIGNCI is a design, branding & marketing communication consultancy organization founded in 2013, focusing on the creation of agile brands by the infusing emotions and artistic brilliance in your identity through graphics design. Here at IdESIGNCI we are both alive and cognisant to the irrefutable reality that design conveys both information and emotion. Professionally branded designs speak to both the mind and the heart of consumers, be it a logo, an app, a flyer, a brochure, a billboard, vehicle branding or a physical environment. What catches the eye speaks to the heart too, ultimately it fosters an insatiable appetite for consumers to irresistibly indulge.

Vision Statement

To be an integrated design and branding agency that establishes memorable, blissful brands in the hearts of many with a touch of excellence, creativity and passion.

Mission Statement
  • Create designs that inform, sale and excel.
  • Building profitable brands that people adore
  • Establish online communities that clients need to be associated with, full of humour while fostering organisations’ objectives.
  • Provide your organization with dynamic and vibrant branding stragegies, from corporate identity, web design, logo design, and social media establishment to a complete rebranding exercise.
Core Values
  • Creativity: It’s not about taking a knife and using it as a baseball bat; but filling the gap in a way that is not expected so as to produce wonderful results.
  • Client-Focused: Delivering responsive, timely, quality work while guarding jealously your budget.
  • Passionate: We don’t complete the order, instead we become part of the brand, fully fledged with passion.
  • Inspired thinking: Ask smarter questions and believe in the power of creativity.
  • Professional: Being respectful, thorough and formal.

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